Friday, July 23, 2010

Crocheted hotpad


1 skein I love this Cotton sage
1 skein black variegated
H hook

Ch 26
Row 1 sc in 2 nd Ch from hk and ea Ch across Ch 1 turn
Row2 sc in 1st sc, hdc nxt Sc, dc next Sc, tr nxt Sc, dc nxt sc, hdc next Sc, sc nxt Sc repeat pattern across sc,hdc,dc,tr,dc,hdc to end ending in last sc with sc Ch 1 turn
Row 3 sc in tr, hdc in dc, dc in hdc, tr in sc repeat across row ending with sc in tr Ch 1 turn
Row 4 tr in sc, dc in hdc, hdc in dc, sc in tr repeat across row ending with tr in sc Ch 1 turn
Repeat rows 3&4 to desired size fasten off weave in ends
Mine is 16 rows
Make another using new color same pattern
Holding two sides with wrong side together join in corner with sl st ch1 and sc in same sp sc around entire hotpad going through both sides putting 3 sc in ea corner join with sl st to beg sc ch 15 and sl st into first ch loop.

Same as one side of hotpad but just and more rows for a larger size dishcloth if you like

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mixed stitch dishcloth

I love to make dishcloths, hot pads and washcloths out of cotton yarn. I have made several of these but unfortunately never took any pictures. I will try to make another one and add a picture at a later time. These are easy to make and work up fast. Hope you try this pattern.

Mixed up dish cloth crochet pattern

H hook
1 skein I love this cotton sage color
1 skein sugar and cream licorice black variegated
Ch 30
Row 1 dc in 4th Ch from hook and in each Ch across Ch 1 turn (28dc)
Row 2 elongated sc in 1st dc and ea dc across (elongated sc is hook through dc pull up loop yarn over a pull through first loop on hook yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook) ch1 turn(28 esc)
Row 3 sk first st dc in next st dc in skipped st repeat across (14 X st made)
Ch1 turn
Row 4 elongated sc in first st and ea st across (28 esc) Ch 3 turn
Row 5 dc in ea st across Ch 1 turn (28dc)
Row 6-8 repeat rows 2-4
Row 9 repeat row 5
Row 10-12 repeat rows 2-4
Row 13 repeat row 5
Row 14-16 repeat rows 2-4
Row 17 repeat row 5
Row 18-20 repeat rows 2-4
Row 21 repeat row 5
Fasten off
With other color join at beg of last row with sl st ch1 sc in same st and ea st across evenly sc around dish cloth putting 3 sc in ea corner join with sl st in beg sc