Thursday, May 29, 2014

TBT Old Family Recipe Egg Noodle Recipe

My Grandma Snodgrass's Egg Noodle Recipe

This recipe was one handed down from my Grandma's mother to my Grandma to my Mom to me to my Kids to my Grandkids. We had these noodles every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was always so much fun to go over and help Grandma and Mom make the noodles. I have a lot of great memories of being together, getting flour all over all the while laughing while  mixing, rolling and cutting up the noodles. When Grandma got where she couldn't do it anymore she sat there and supervised the rest of us doing them. This was a family tradition and one I was glad to pass on to my kids and grandkids. No as everyone has grown up and it's harder to get together before Thanksgiving to make these they buy store bought noodles but they are not the same and we don't have the memories we did back when we got together to make them for the holidays. I would never trade the time we spent together making egg noodles. This recipe is in my Mom's hand writing because Grandma didn't write down a recipe. As we did it you just knew if you had enough water and flour and it just became something you did from habit. Mom wrote it down so that it could be passed on to others in the family and I am using it today as my throwback Thursday post.

Always cherish the family traditions and make sure to share the times, stories and make new memories as the next generations come along.

This is Grandma Mattie Snodgrass in the Kitchen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tardis, Lego, Pokemon Crocheted Baskets for Easter

I know I am a little late sharing the Easter Baskets I crocheted for my Grandkids but things have been busy and I am behind. I decided this year to make a basket of something they all liked. For my smallest grandson 2 yrs old I made a Lego basket because he loves legos. He calls them crackers for some reason but he loves to play and build with them and he loves the lego cartoons and the movie. He will watch Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars over and over and over again. So what better basket than a lego basket.

Of course he, now that the goodies are gone he likes to wear the basket on his head as a hat. My little lego man.
For my 19 year old granddaughter is was easy to know what to make her because her and I have a love of all things Dr Who. So for her I decided to make her a crocheted Tardis Bag for her basket. I figured she could use it after all the goodies were gone as a bag.

Last for my 20 year old grandson I made a Pokemon ball basket. Even at this age he and his friends still like Pokemon so what better thing to make than a Pokemon ball. 

I just made these up as I went and now I am trying to write down the patterns. When will I learn to write them down as I go? Probably never. I hope to have the patterns later but no promises. I may have to make these again just to get the patterns down. Of course I am sure that I will find someone who would be happy to have them if I do.

These were a hit with the Grandkids as you can see in these pictures.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

TBT Crocheted Baby Afghan Pattern


Crocheted Baby hugs and kisses afghan

Baby hugs and kisses afghan


Rainbow Sensations yarn 2 lg skeins
J hook

Ch 120
Row 1 dc in 4th Ch from hook and ea across. At end of row ch3 turn.
Row2-6 dc in ea dc across Ch 3 turn
Row7-12 ch3 is first dc* sk next dc dc in next dc dc in skipped dc x stitch made * rep from * to last stitch dc in last stitch ch3 turn
Row 13-18 rep row 2
Row 19-24 rep row 7
Continue in thus pattern to desired size finishing with rep of row 2 fasten off

Rnd 1 Join yellow with a sl st in corner st ch1 sc in same st. Evenly scaround putting 3 sc in ea corner to first st put 2 more sc in same st as joining of yarn at beg join to first sc at beg
Rnd 2 ch4(1st dc ch1) dc in same st( v st made) sk next sc v st in nextsc content around putting v st ch1 v st in ea corner. Join to ch3 of beg Ch 4
Rnd 3 sl st to space between first 2 v sts ch4(1st dc ch1) dc in samesp. V st in space between 2 v sts around with v st Ch 1 v st in ch1 spbetween the 2 corner v sts. Join with sl st in 3rd Ch of beg Ch 4 fasten off and weave in.