Thursday, May 26, 2016

TBT My Chicken Fajita Rice Skillet

Chicken Fajita Rice Skillet

I again found myself in need of a quick and tasty dinner. Looking to see what I had in the pantry and fridge this is what I came up with. It actually was very good and everyone liked it. Was good the next day too for lunch. I find sometimes, actually more times than I want to admit, I find myself doing last minute quick cooking, but this will be one of my go to meals when I find myself in that spot.

2 lbs chicken strips cubed ( I used fully cooked fajita chicken bought from store)
3 cups white rice
1 pkg frozen rainbow mixed vegetables ( vegetables were corn, peas, green peppers cubed and red peppers cubed)
1 cup Velveeta cheese
1 cup salsa

Cube the chicken strips and place in a large skillet. Heat the chicken. Cook rice and vegetables as directions on their package states. While this is going on cube Velveeta cheese and place in microwave safe bowl along with the salsa. Microwave at 20 sec intervals stirring in between till cheese is beginning to melt. When chicken is heated through add the cooked rice and vegetables to the skillet. Stir and add the Velveeta cheese and salsa, you can add more cheese and salsa to your taste we had one in the house that didn't like spicy so we didn't add as much salsa as we might otherwise. Turn to low and simmer for 5 min or till heated through.
Dish up with a side salad and cornbread and you have a good meal. If you use salsa that is gluten free then you have a great gluten free meal also.
This dinner can be made by cooking your own chicken and using fresh vegetables too, but like I said I needed quick tonight. Hope you will give this a try and let me know what you think.