Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crocheted Scarf

I crocheted a simple scarf with tassels to match my winter coat and it was really easy and fast to do. I finished it in one evening.Here is the pattern.

I used Soft Boucle yarn
H hook
Black Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

with Soft Boucle and H hook
ch 19
Row 1 dc in 4th ch from hk and in ea ch across turn
Row 2 ch 3 (1st dc) dc in ea dc across turn
Row 3-75 (or as long as you want your scarf to be) repeat row 2
when you get to desired length finish off. weave in end

attach black yarn in 1st dc of last row worked with a sl st, ch1 and sc in same dc ch 3 sk 1 dc sc in next dc continue around entire outside edge of scarf join in first sc with a sl st and finish off. I made fringe from both the boucle yarn and black yarn and attached to both ends of scarf.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gluten and Corn Free Hard Candy

I have missed having hard candy to suck on since I have to eat gluten and corn free. My cousin use to make hard candy all the time and so I took her recipe and changed it to fit my needs. We made cinnamon hard candy the first time and though it doesn't exactly taste the same it is good and all of us including my husband, daughter, and grandkids liked it. The recipe is easy and I hope you will give it a try. Next we plan on substituting splenda instead of the sugar to see if it will work for a sugar free candy too. I will let you know how it works.

Cinnamon Hard Candy(gluten and corn free)
1 1/3 cups sugar
1 1lb5oz jar Lundberg Sweet Dreams Brown Rice Syrup
1/4 tsp red food coloring
15 drops oil of cinnamon

You will need a candy thermometer
In a sauce pan combine sugar, jar of brown rice syrup, and food coloring. Heat over low heat till sugar is dissolved and first bubbles start. Insert candy thermometer making sure it doesn't touch sides and heat till it reaches 300 degrees then remove from heat and stir in cinnamon. We lined the counter with two thicknesses of parchment paper and carefully poured the mixture out on it spreading it thin. Let cool and then break into pieces. Be careful that the mixture doesn't get on you because it will burn very fast. You can use other colors and oils to make different flavors of candy instead of the cinnamon and red. White with peppermint would be good or green with spearmint. You can choose the color and flavor you like just remember to check the ingredients to make sure the flavors are safe for eating on a gluten and corn free diet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crocheted Warmers, Muff, and Scarf

I have been crocheting fingerless gloves, scarfs and a muff. They have all been simple patterns. The muff is a little harder but I made it up as I went and it seemed to turn out good. The scarfs have been made with fun fur and cha cha yarn and the muff is made with cha cha and worsted weight yarn. The fingerless gloves are made with the body worsted weight yarn and the trim with fun fur. The muff has ribbed cuffs on each side to make it warmer when you put your hands in it. My Granddaughter is modeling one of the scarfs with the matching muff. She is also modeling the fingerless gloves they are made in the gray ones shorter than the black and variegated ones. The fingerless gloves are a simple rectangle then sown up leaving 7 st unworked near the top for the thumb. I have the pattern that I made for the muff if anyone is interested just let me know. This picture shows the ribbed cuffs on the muff that my Granddaughter is modeling in the picture above