Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking Planning and Starting Crochet Christmas

I know it is only the first of August but did you realize there are only 145 days left till Christmas. Now don't panic there is still plenty of time to stop and think about who you want to crochet something for. Then plan what you want to make  for that special person and get patterns or make a pattern for what you plan to make and lastly get those hooks a going and start now on your Crochet Christmas.

Do not, like me, wait till October and panic crochet, staying up late nights trying to get everything done. Make a list of the people you want to make something for. Then in a column next to their name put down what it is you want to make them. Next to that put down the time you approximate it will take to make it and then last decide which one you will start first. I usually start with the ones that will take the longest to do and then to the ones that are the fastest.  This year I have 2 afghans to do and I will start with them. Then I will do toys for all the kids. I am thinking Amigurumi  monsters, friendly of course. Next jewelry and wristers with scarfs and hats. There my planning is done now to get started.

Here are some other ideas of gift baskets :

Hot pads and dishcloths are a stand by gift that I make for housewarming, Christmas, birthdays or a thank you gift. They go well in gift baskets with gifts in a jar, which I plan on making this year also.

For the reader in the family how about bookmarks, book jackets, nook or kindle covers and books or book cards in a basket.

For the coffee or tea lover you can do a set of coasters, cup snuggie, and cup and their favorite coffee or tea.

For kids why not put together several of the crocheted toys into a bucket or container of your choosing along with a few books that might go along with the theme of the toys. Like monsters you might put in Monsters, Inc. Little Golden Book (Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.) you might also include the DVD of Monsters, Inc. and the crocheted Amigurumi monsters

These are just some of my planning tips and gift ideas. As I start putting these together I will post how it is going and what they are looking like.