Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trellis Yarn or Ladder Yarn Jewelry

I have found a new favorite yarn to use for bracelets and necklaces in a snap. It probably is harder to find the yarn than to do the necklace and bracelet. I have been able to find the yarn on the Internet fairly easily though. This is a simple bracelet and necklace. It looks like it is complicated but it isn't. Nice to wear with jeans or a dress.

Simple 3 Strand Trellis Bracelet

Trellis yarn of your choice
K hook

Make 3

Measure 6 inches from end and make slip knot. ch 27 or as many ch to fit your wrist. Finish off and leave a 6 inch tail.

To finish bracelet hold all strands together and make a knot next to beginning ch and a knot next to end ch. go to end of strands and knot together then slip on your wrist. I will add pictures later of this pattern and the necklace.

To change this up you can braid the strands together and then knot for a different look.