Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking Planning and Starting Crochet Christmas

I know it is only the first of August but did you realize there are only 145 days left till Christmas. Now don't panic there is still plenty of time to stop and think about who you want to crochet something for. Then plan what you want to make  for that special person and get patterns or make a pattern for what you plan to make and lastly get those hooks a going and start now on your Crochet Christmas.

Do not, like me, wait till October and panic crochet, staying up late nights trying to get everything done. Make a list of the people you want to make something for. Then in a column next to their name put down what it is you want to make them. Next to that put down the time you approximate it will take to make it and then last decide which one you will start first. I usually start with the ones that will take the longest to do and then to the ones that are the fastest.  This year I have 2 afghans to do and I will start with them. Then I will do toys for all the kids. I am thinking Amigurumi  monsters, friendly of course. Next jewelry and wristers with scarfs and hats. There my planning is done now to get started.

Here are some other ideas of gift baskets :

Hot pads and dishcloths are a stand by gift that I make for housewarming, Christmas, birthdays or a thank you gift. They go well in gift baskets with gifts in a jar, which I plan on making this year also.

For the reader in the family how about bookmarks, book jackets, nook or kindle covers and books or book cards in a basket.

For the coffee or tea lover you can do a set of coasters, cup snuggie, and cup and their favorite coffee or tea.

For kids why not put together several of the crocheted toys into a bucket or container of your choosing along with a few books that might go along with the theme of the toys. Like monsters you might put in Monsters, Inc. Little Golden Book (Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.) you might also include the DVD of Monsters, Inc. and the crocheted Amigurumi monsters

These are just some of my planning tips and gift ideas. As I start putting these together I will post how it is going and what they are looking like.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Need to Get Busy on Christmas Gifts and Stew Casserole or Stewcarole Recipe

   I know you all probably think I have lost it but I said last year I would not wait to start crocheting and making Christmas presents till October. This year I am starting in July so that I hope to eliminate those late night hurry to finish projects this year. I am at the planning stage right now but ideas are in short supply. I don't want to do the usual afghans but probably will be doing a couple for my oldest grand kids since they have outgrown theirs. I don't know why they have since I made them when they were in grade school and they are both adults now 18 and 20. It is long overdue and they have been asking so guess that is what I will start on now. I am trying different stitches hoping to come up with a suitable pattern that is unique to each one of them.

  I am also thinking about trying some recipes now to get them just right to have for those get togethers and as gifts from the kitchen. I love gifts in a jar so I think the next couple of weeks will be fun trying to find some and adding my spin on them.

For today though, here is another recipe that was one of those, don't want the same old thing for dinner, recipes but on a limited budget and made with just what I had in the refrigerator and pantry. We call it Stew Casserole or as my Grandson says Stewcarole. There is no picture because the family ate it so fast I didn't have a chance, it was a big hit.

Stew Casserole or Stewcarole

1 1/2 lbs ground beef
3 lg baking potatoes
1/2 pkg frozen mixed vegetables
olive oil
1/2 cup BBQ Sauce
1 cup Ketchup
2 Tbl taco seasoning
2 Tbl chili powder
salt and pepper to taste
6-8 slice American cheese or cheese of your choice

In skillet drizzle the bottom with olive oil and heat. Add 1/4 of a stick of butter to skillet and melt. When the oil and butter are heated you can add the peeled and thinly sliced potatoes to the skillet. Potatoes should be thin like you would have them for fried potatoes. Heat the potatoes till they just start to heat through and are starting to get tender. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees while you are cooking the potatoes in the skillet. When potatoes are ready put them with the oil and butter from the skillet on to a sheet pan in a single layer. Salt and pepper to taste. Put in oven for 20 minutes or until they start to crisp and brown turning once half way through cooking time. Now while the potatoes are in the oven brown the hamburger. Drain. Also in a pan cook the vegetables like it says on the package. Add chili powder and taco seasoning to the ground beef give it a stir till it is mixed well into the hamburger. Add the BBQ and Ketchup to create the sauce on the meat ( if you need to you can add more BBQ sauce and ketchup) Add the cooked drained vegetables to the hamburger mix well. let simmer till potatoes are ready.
When the potatoes are done remove them from the oven. Pour the hamburger vegetable mixture evenly in a 9X13 pan. Layer the potatoes on top in a single layer covering the hamburger mixture completely. Top with the sliced cheese on top of the potatoes. Put in oven for 5 minutes or till cheese is melted. Serves 4-6 depending on size of serving or how hungry they are. Add a nice side salad and garlic bread and you have a nice dinner in no time at all.

This is a very easy meal to make and at our house it was a big hit. You can make it with gluten free BBQ sauce and Ketchup and spices like I did.  To make your own garlic butter and bread  you can   melt a 1/4 stick of butter. To the butter add gluten free garlic powder and mixed them together. Then I used my gluten free bread for myself and regular bread for the family. I didn't have a baguette so I used sandwich bread. I put on a cookie sheet the bread and  spread it with the garlic butter and placed under the broiler till toasted. It works in a pinch when you don't have French bread or baguettes. Since I made this meal I see that Udi's brand has a gluten free baguette that I will try next time.

Hope you will give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 Crocheted Bookmark Patterns

I collect bookmarks and so I have recently been coming up with crochet patterns for bookmarks. Here are two simple patterns of mine.

Delicate Flower Bookmark


#10 crochet thread multi color
D hook


Ch 55 join with slip stitch in 6 ch from hook
Ch 1 turn 
Now do 5 dc in circle, sc in circle 4 times ending with sc slip stitch to beginning dc and fasten off. Weave in ends  and block

Friendship Chain Bookmark


D hook
Size 10 thread I used multi color

First circle motif
Ch 20 join to form a circle with sl st in first ch
Ch 3 (1stdc) dc in same st, 2 dc in ea ch around join to top of beg ch 3 fasten off weave in end

Second circle motif
Do same as first but when you join to form circle go through center of first circle then do your dc in ea ch

Third circle motif
Same as second go through center of 2nd circle to join
Fasten off

Fourth circle motif same as 2nd and 3rd

For  band if you want one
Ch.60 dc in 4th ch from hook and ea ch across at end fasten off weave in ends weave through circles tack to first and last circle

Hope you give these patterns a try and as always let me know how you like them and show me pictures of yours if you try them.

Keep Crocheting!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Trellis Necklace and Bracelet Crochet Pattern

Spiral Necklace

1 ball ladder or trellis yarn (you can make several from this ball of yarn)
K hook

With yarn do a slip knot about 6 inches up from end. Ch 60 then in first ch and ea ch do 3 sc to end. At end do 3sc and then 3 sc in ea ch on the other side of beginning ch back to beginning and slip st in first sc made. Measure 6 inches from end and cut yarn and pull through to keep from unraveling and finish off by tying a knot on both ends next to the necklace. Then you can either use a jewelry fastener or tie the two ends together in a knot.


Made like necklace just smaller version

Go 6" and do a slipknot ch 26 then 3 sc in ea ch at other end do 3 sc in other side of ch to end. Measure 6" cut and pull through to finish off. Either tie or use fasteners

Hope the directions will help you to make some wonderful jewelry. This is my own pattern so please if you make this let me know and send pictures. Also please give me credit for the pattern. Have fun and Good Crocheting.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What's For Dinner? Leftovers

   I don't know where you are on the leftover debate but I love leftovers. As a kid growing up I thought everyone ate leftovers. I loved them. My favorite I think was when we had leftover roast beef and if we had enough we would have roast beef hash the next day. Roast beef, onions, and potatoes chopped into bite size pieces and fried in a skillet yum. Mouth watering just thinking about it. If we only had a little roast left my Grandmother would make Roast salad like tuna salad. That is so wonderful on a sandwich or just by itself. You just grind up the roast or like I do chop into small bite size pieces add mayo and pickle relish and mix all together and eat. Those are just some of my favorite ones from my childhood. Of coarse I loved left over  fried chicken, hamburgers and spaghetti too, but those I just ate cold and usually for breakfast.

   When I first got married we had a lot of leftovers because I was use to cooking for 7 not 2. So glad my  husband didn't mind leftovers either or we would have lost a lot of food. The key to leftovers is not just serving the same thing but to figure ways to use them that is different than what you had to begin with.

 This brings us to tonight's dinner and what to do with our leftover white rice and hot dogs. Now to you that might sound like just heat and eat but to me it was a challenge to make something that was different so here is what I came up with and it was a big hit. No leftovers of the leftover meal which is a good thing.

6 left over grilled hot dogs
2 1/2 cups cooked white rice
1 cup frozen green beans
olive oil
1/2 stick of butter
1 cup ketchup
1 cup bbq sauce
2 tablespoons honey mustard
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons chili powder
salt to taste
pepper to taste
6 slice American cheese


In large skillet drizzle olive oil to coat bottom when olive oil starts to heat up add the butter and when warm add rice. Make sure you have broken the rice up so that it doesn't have any big clumps. Heat on medium heat stirring to keep from scorching. Cute the hot dogs up into bite size pieces and add to rice. In a separate bowl mix the ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce and brown sugar till sugar is dissolved. To the rice and hot dogs add the green beans, the chili powder and salt and pepper. Then add the sauce you made and stir till all the rice and hot dogs and green beans are coated. Cover and heat on medium heat for 10 minutes stirring once in awhile . When completely heated through and the green beans are done add the 6 slices of cheese around the skillet and put lid back on. When the cheese begins to melt stir it into the mixture and you are ready to eat. Serve with a nice salad and some bread and butter. It make a great meal. Try it you might be surprised just how good it is.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crocheted Friendship Circle Bookmark Pattern



This is the first of the Bookmark patterns I have made to give to followers on my blog I will be posting another one next week. This is a great small gift for friends, book clubs, and to give with books you give as gifts. Hope you like it and let me know if there are any mistakes in my pattern.

  Crocheted Friendship Circle Bookmark Pattern


D hook
Size 10 crochet thread I used multicolor


First motif

Rnd 1 Ch 4 sl st to first ch to form circle ch 1 10 sc in ring join with sl st to beg sc (10 sc)
Rnd 2 ch 3 (1st dc) dc in same st. 2 dc in ea sc around join with sl in top of beg ch 3 (20 dc)
Rnd 3 ch1 sc in same st, ch 3 * dc sc in next dc, ch 3 sk nxt dc repeat from * around sl st to beg sc (10 sc, 10 ch 3 spaces)
Rnd 4 sl st to first ch 3 spaces, ch 3(first dc) 5 more dc in sp, * 6 dc in next ch 3 space repeat from * to end sl in top first ch 3
Rnd 5 ch 1 sc in same st ch 5 sk next 5 dc sc in next dc ( this is first dc of next group of 6 dc) * ch 5 sk next 5 dc sc in next dc repeat from * around end with sl st in first sc fasten off

2nd motif

Repeat like first motif to last round
Last round ch 1 sc in same st, *ch 5 going through ch 5 sp on 1st motif then sk next 5 dc on 2nd motif and sc in next dc (1st dc of next 6dc) on 2nd motif *repeat one more time from*-* finish last round like last round of 1 st motif

3 motif repeat same as 2nd motif attaching to 2nd motif like 2nd motif was attached to 1 st motif

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Boy Afghan

My daughter needed a baby afghan for a co worker who was having a boy so this is the afghan I came
up with.
Baby Blue Afghan

1 pound skein blue baby yarn
1 skein white
N hook

With blue ch 91
Row 1 dc in 4th ch from hook and ea ch across ch3 turn( counts as first dc)
Row 2-4 dc in ea dc across ch 3 turn
Row 5 ch 3 is first dc, skip next dc dc in next dc, dc in skipped dc ( cross dc made), *dc in next dc, cross dc over next two dc, repeat from * to end ending with dc in last dc ch 3 turn
Row 6-8 repeat row 5
Row 9-12 repeat row 2
Row 13-16 repeat row 5
Row 17-20 repeat row 2
Row 21-24 repeat row 5
Continue repeating to desired size 4 rows of row 2 and then 4 rows row 5 ending with 4 rows of row 2 finish off weave in ends
With white attach to last dc of last row ch 1 turn sc in same st,* dc in next st, sc in next st, repeat from * across at corner do three st dc, sc, dc then cont in pattern down side and all the way around. Sl st to beginning sc. Ch 1 this round sc in dc and dc in sc around at corners do 3 st in middle st of corner on rnd below
Sl st to beginning st finish off and weave in ends
My afghan had 44 rows

As I always do I write down the pattern after I do the afghan so hopefully you can understand it and there are no mistakes. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think

Scarf for a Man

I made this scarf for a friend of my Grandsons. It is a simple pattern and one that works up quick

Black worsted weight yarn
K hook

Ch 20
Row 1 hdc in 2 nd ch from hook and ea ch across. Ch 1 turn
Row 2 hdc in first hdc, *sk next hdc, hdc in next hdc, now hdc in skipped hdc, hdc in nxt hdc rep from * to end ch 1 turn
Repeat row 2 to desired length

See how easy. Hope  you will try it. You can add a border of sc and fringe to change it up if you like.

As always I hope I didn't make any mistakes in writing this down. Try it and let me know what you think.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Scarf Pattern

Moms Blue Scarf

N hook
Red heart super saver Turqua

Ch 22
Row 1 hdc in 2 nd ch from hook and ea ch across (21 hdc)
Row 2 ch 2 turn ( not first hdc) hdc in blo of first hdc and ea hdc across
Row 3 -4 ch 2 turn hdc in blo of ea hdc across
Row 5 ch 3 ( 1st dc) sk nxt hdc, dc in next hdc then dc in skipped hdc ( cross stitch made) , dc next hdc, cross st over next 2 hdc continue in this pattern to end
Row 6 ch 3 turn,* sk next dc dc in next dc then dc in skipped dc cross stitch made, dc in next dc then repeat from * across
Row 7-10 ch2 not first hdc, hdc in blo of ea st across
Repeat rows 5 - 10 until desired length
Mom's scarf was 80 rows end with 4 hdc rows
At end of last row you can finish off if you like or like I did twist the beginning and sew the last and first row together with sl st finish off and weave in ends

I don't have a picture of this scarf it was a gift to my Mom at Christmas and I didn't get the picture taken. I hope you will try this scarf pattern and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lace Steampunk Wristers Pattern


Red Heart fashion crochet thread size 3 ( I used black)
F hook

With f  hook ch 41
Row 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and ea ch across ch 1 turn (40 sc)
Row 2 sc in first sc, ch 2 skip 2 sc, sc in next sc,* ch 2 skip 2 sc sc in next sc, repeat from * to end ending with sv in last sc ch 1 turn
Row 3 sc in first sc, *2 sc in ch 2 sp, sc in sc repeat from * across ch 1 turn
Row 4 sc in first sc,* ch 2 skip 2 sc, sc in next sc, repeat from * across
Row 5 repeat row 3
Row 6 rep row 4
Row 7 rep row 3
Row 8 rep row 4
Row 9 rep row 3
Row 10 rep row 4
Row 11 rep row 3
Row 12 rep row 4
Row 13 rep row 3
For border do sc in ea st around and down sides putting 3 sc in ea corner. Sl to beg sc
Sl in first 10 sc sc in next st (ch 3 skip 1 sc sc in next sc) 9X sc in next st leave rest of row unworked
Ch1 turn sc in sc ch 3 sc in next sc across ch 1. Turn
Repeat for 3 more rows
Ch 1 sl to ch 3 loop sc in loop ch 3 sc in next ch 3 loop across to last loop sl to last sc ch 1 turn repeat for 9 rows last row is just one loop sl to sc then ch 12 sl to sc on other side of ch 3 loop. Sc in ea ch of ch 12 sl to beg and finish off

Go to side and attach string on side with ch 1 same space 15 sc across side. Ch 1 turn sc in ea sc
Do 2 more rows of sc for total of 4. At end of last row ch 1 turn sl st in first sc ch 5 sk 5 sc sl st in nxt sc ch 5 sk 5 sc sl st in next sc ch 5 sk next 5 sl in last sc finish off (3 ch five loops made)
Repeat on other side
For 50 weave tie through ch 5 loops on sides
Sew a metal key to middle of hand back

As always I made these up as I went then wrote the pattern down. I try not to make it too confusing or have mistakes but mistakes are possible.

Enjoy the pattern if you make them let me know and show pictures.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Chicken Fajita Rice Skillet

Chicken Fajita Rice Skillet

I again found myself in need of a quick and tasty dinner. Looking to see what I had in the pantry and fridge this is what I came up with. It actually was very good and everyone liked it. Was good the next day too for lunch. I find sometimes, actually more times than I want to admit, I find myself doing last minute quick cooking, but this will be one of my go to meals when I find myself in that spot.

2 lbs chicken strips cubed ( I used fully cooked fajita chicken bought from store)
3 cups white rice
1 pkg frozen rainbow mixed vegetables ( vegetables were corn, peas, green peppers cubed and red peppers cubed)
1 cup Velveeta cheese
1 cup salsa

Cube the chicken strips and place in a large skillet. Heat the chicken. Cook rice and vegetables as directions on their package states. While this is going on cube Velveeta cheese and place in microwave safe bowl along with the salsa. Microwave at 20 sec intervals stirring in between till cheese is beginning to melt. When chicken is heated through add the cooked rice and vegetables to the skillet. Stir and add the Velveeta cheese and salsa, you can add more cheese and salsa to your taste we had one in the house that didn't like spicy so we didn't add as much salsa as we might otherwise. Turn to low and simmer for 5 min or till heated through.
Dish up with a side salad and cornbread and you have a good meal. If you use salsa that is gluten free then you have a great gluten free meal also.
This dinner can be made by cooking your own chicken and using fresh vegetables too, but like I said I needed quick tonight. Hope you will give this a try and let me know what you think.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crocheted Steampunk Wrister

My Grandchildren and their friends have a Steampunk group and so I crocheted the girls a steampunk sort of wrister to go with their outfits. They seemed to like them and wore them all weekend. It was a simple pattern that just went around the wrist and across the top of the hand so that the palm was open. I added keys to the hand and a tie to hold the sides together. I think they turned out pretty good. Here is a couple of pictures. What do you think? Leave me a comment if you would like to buy one.
Tomorrow I will be giving you my latest baby afghan pattern.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gluten Free Beef Teriyaki and Rice

 Last night was one of those nights where I had to go to the freezer and pantry and use what I had there because I needed a fast easy and delicious dinner. I had frozen  vegetables, rice and ground beef, so I made Gluten Free Beef Teriyaki and rice. It was wonderful and the husband loved it which is a big plus to any recipe. Truth be told I spent most of the day finishing a baby afghan and wrist warmers so I had completely forgotten about dinner so had to have a fast solution. If you ever find yourself needing something good and quick give it a try.

1 lb lean ground beef
1 pkg frozen Vegetable Medley ( mine had the mix of broccoli, red peppers, and green beans)
1 cup cooked rice
1 13.5 oz bottle of Island Organic Teriyaki from Organiville Foods. They have two different gluten free teriyaki sauces and either one would be great for this dish.

Brown  ground beef in large skillet and drain. While browning the ground beef cook your cup of rice. I cooked mine in a rice cooker which made it really easy. Also cook the frozen vegetables while browning the meat. Add the frozen vegetables, rice and bottle of teriyaki to skillet, mix well lower heat and let simmer for 10 minutes or till all is heated through and the flavors have mix in well.
Serve with more rice or with a salad and you have a great meal.

Now that you have a fast dinner to fix you can do like I did and crochet away. The pattern for both the wristers and baby afghan will be posted later.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed and at the end of the day and snow storm we had 12- 14 inches of snow. It was up to the door and in fact when I opened the screen door it would not open all the way because the snow was that high. I didn't get to do any blogging because we were afraid of losing power so I had the computer off. When I thought it was safe to try I turned the computer on and not 5 minutes or so later the power went out. Maybe I jinxed us, but luckily it was only out a minute or so but I decided to wait to turn it on till today. Now after we get dug out I will be back to blog more. Crocheting and reading helped to pass the time during the storm. Will have a couple of patterns for you later.  Hope everyone has a safe warm day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spicy Hamburger Hashbrown Dish or Nana's Mess

Have you ever had a day when your best laid plans for dinner just didn't work out. That's what happened to me tonight, so when the steaks were still frozen and dinner had to be done in a hurry I had to improvise. So taking what I had this is what I came up with and we called it Nana's Mess because I messed up and didn't thaw the meat out for dinner and was out of pasta.

1 lb ground beef (ground turkey would probably work too)
1 4.2 oz carton dehydrated hash browns
1 16 oz can diced tomatoes
1/2 cup picante sauce
2tsp dehydrated onions
2tsp garlic salt
2tsp taco seasoning
4 slices of american cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
2 Tbs ketchup
Parmesan cheese for top

In a skillet brown the ground beef, onions, garlic salt and taco seasoning. Drain
Cook the hash browns as it says on the box. You can use frozen or fresh hash browns if you like I used what I had available. Just cook the hash browns as directed on the ones you use.
Combine the cooked hash browns and ground beef together. Add the diced tomatoes, picante sauce and stir. When this is warm add the sour cream and ketchup and stir to mix together. Cook on low. When heated through add the american cheese slices ( you can use shredded cheddar cheese here instead but again I was out). When the slices start to melt stir into the hamburger hash brown mix. Dish up and add the Parmesan cheese to the top like and dig in. Very good, filling and the family loved it.

Even though I didn't fix what I had planned and had to go to the pantry to make something, it really didn't turn out bad. You can add more of the onions, garlic salt and taco seasoning to your taste but in our house less is used because some don't like to much of the seasoning.

Give this a try it really was good. It can be gluten free if you use gluten free seasonings, sour cream, ketchup, picante sauce and cheese.
So Dig In and Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pretty in Pink Afghan

I have found when you need an afghan in a hurry that this pattern is the easiest that still has some flare to it. My daughter needed a baby afghan for a co worker and I needed to get it done fast so since she was having a girl I did it in two colors of pink. This pattern works for hot pads and dishcloths and washcloths as well as scarfs. Anything you want to be done fast and look good too.

1 skein red heart pink
1 skein baby rose pink
K hook

ch 131
Row 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, trc in next ch, dc in next ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch repeat in this pattern across ending with trc in last ch. ch1 turn
Row 2 sc in top of trc, hdc in top of dc, dc in top of hdc, trc in top of sc, dc in top of hdc, hdc in top of dc, sc in top of trc. repeat across.
Row 3-66 repeat row 1-2 at end of row 66 finish off. weave in end

On my baby afghan I started with the lighter baby rose pink for first 9 rows then switched to pink and then did the baby rose pink for last 9 rows.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scarf in the Round or Kristy's Scarf

As promised here is the second scarf I crocheted for a Christmas present It is an infinity scarf and can be worn in several ways. It is a fast easy pattern and could be made over the weekend.

1 skein any worsted weight yarn
K hook

ch 250 being careful not to twist join last ch to first with a sl st ch 1
Rnd 1-3 Hdc in joining st and ea st across. Join to first hdc with sl st. ch 1 repeat for 2 more rounds
Rnd 4 This rnd hdc in first hdc ch 1 sk next hdc, hdc in next hdc. Continue around in this pattern at end join with sl st to first hdc. ch 1
Rnd 5 Hdc in first st, hdc in ch 1 sp, hdc in next hdc, continue around join to first hdc. ch 1
Rnd 6-7 Hdc in ea hdc around. Join with sl st in first hdc. ch 1
Rnd 8 repeat rnd 4
Rnd 9-11 Rep rnds 5-7
Finish off and weave in ends.
This can be made with another repeat of rounds 4-7 if you like before you finish off. It's all up to you


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scarfs Scarfs and more Scarfs

At Christmas I decided to make scarfs for different ones and once I get started making them I don't want to stop. I love that you can make so many different ones and it is instant almost gratification. Every scarf I made can be made in just a matter of hours. Over the weekend I can do at least two with out trying really. I will post a few of my patterns that I used but I didn't get pictures of them just didn't think to do that before I gave them away. I will remake them and add pictures later.

First Scarf
Mom's warm Scarf

1 skein Red Heart Super Saver any color you like ( you won't use all of it can get probably two scarfs out of one skein)
N Hook

With N hook ch 22
Row 1 hdc in 2nd ch from hk and ea ch across (21 hdc)
Row 2 ch 2 turn (not first hdc) hdc in blo of first hdc and ea hdc across (21 hdc)
Row 3-4 ch 2 turn hdc in blo of ea hdc across (21 hdc)
Row 5 ch 3 turn (counts as first dc) sk next hdc, dc in next hdc then dc in skipped hdc (cross stitch made), dc next hdc, cross st over next 2 hdc, continue in this pattern to end of row (21 stitches)
Row 6 ch 3 turn, * sk next dc, dc in next dc then dc in skipped dc ( cross st made), dc in next dc then repeat from * across to end of row
Row 7-10 ch 2 not first hdc, hdc in blo of ea st across
Repeat rows 5-10 until desired length
Mom's scarf was 80 rows ending with 4 hdc rows
At end of last row you can finish off if you like or like I did twist the beginning and sew the last and first row together with sl st. finish off and weave in ends

As always I try not to make any mistakes in writing the pattern down but since I do it after I make the scarf it is possible that I make mistakes. I hope you like it and try it