Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday Easter Basket from a Crocheted Doily

Thought I would share this again for Throwback Thursday so that you will have time to get started on them if you want them for Easter. You can crochet your favorite doily or get one of the store bought ones to do this. I prefer to make mine but either way hope this gives you an idea for Easter Baskets this year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crocheted Doily Easter Baskets

Last year for Easter I made my Grandkids, Aunt and Mom and Dad Easter baskets from crocheted doilies. The picture above is of one of them. After Easter you can put other things or silk flowers in them for decoration. It is a simple way to make a basket.

This picture is of another doily basket I made and put flowers in for a table decoration at a retirement party. I had done some in smaller doilies and some in this size. The smaller ones were on the tables that people sat at and this and another one just like it was on the serving tables.

The way to make these is simple. You crochet your favorite doily and then you put it into a plastic bag with fabric stiffener. Make sure you get the whole doily wet with the stiffener then squeeze off the excess. Drape the doily over a bowl or whatever you have that is the shape you want the basket to be in and let dry completely. Remove and add flowers or plastic eggs or whatever you like. That's it simple. I hope you try this and enjoy.

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