Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book review of Crocheting is Fun and Easy by Natalie Johnson

The year is half over and everywhere there are advertisements for Christmas in July. I am already thinking about things to make for Christmas this year, but just have to get started on them. Guess if I don't want to be like every other year and waiting to the last minute I better start putting ideas on the hook and get started now. I have some ideas for things to make other than crocheted items and I hope to share them with you as I go along. I am also starting a baby afghan because I am going to be a Nana again in Feb. Now is a good time to start the blanket and then make clothing items when we know what they are having.

I love that my Grandmother taught me to crochet and that both my Grandmothers were crocheters. I taught my daughter but she doesn't crochet and I taught my granddaughter also and she crochets some.

I have found a book to share with them that is the basics of crochet and teaches different stitches too. It gives so much information from the history of crochet to how to do the different stitches and how to read a pattern. Crocheting is Fun and Easy Grab Your Hook and Join the Fun by Natalie Johnson

I enjoyed reading about the history of crochet in this book since I love history this really appealed to me. It shows many different stitches from basic stitches to more advanced like the basket weave stitch and has easy to follow directions. If I had any thing I didn't like it is that they didn't give more patterns to try the stitches you are learning and the book could use more pictures to help with the explanations. Really all in all this is a good book to help new crocheters and a good reference on the basics for all crocheters.

This is an ebook I got from Amazon and I think it is worth getting if you are new to crochet. Be a good gift to give to someone you are trying to teach crochet to and going through with them.

Next time I hope to have started on Christmas projects and have more of an idea of what it going on the hook this year. Till then


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