Saturday, March 25, 2017

Not Enough Time For Crafts and Old Family Recipe

Those who know me know that I love to do crafts and crochet. Lately I haven't had time for either one much. Seems like there is never enough time. Two things I am planning out and working on but not started physically to put together are a travel journal to put pictures and notes about our Journey To See History trips we are taking as well as a family cookbook with pictures of the people that we are using their recipes. I am scanning, where possible, the recipe card with their handwriting and then also typing out the recipe. So each recipe will have a copy of their hand written card, the recipe transcribed and typed out as well as their picture and maybe a little story about the recipe or person to go with it. It is a big undertaking but well worth the time. When it is finished  I will have a little piece of the family that I can give  to my children and grandchildren.

I am trying to write out a couple of crochet patterns also.  A poncho for my granddaughters and a blanket for the boys. I will share the patterns when and if I ever get them down.

Today I thought I would share one of those recipes that our family loved. I only made this when my husband was gone to Korea with the Army because he will not eat refried beans but everyone loved it. In place of the beans I was thinking about substituting with a cup of chili maybe but I don't know will have to try and see if he will eat it then. To make a gluten free version just make sure your taco seasoning, cheese, and refried beans are gluten free. I also, before I put the meat mixture on the chips,  add a little bit of shredded cheese then the meat mixture. Either way it is good.

                                                               Tostado Casserole

Hope you like this recipe.

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