Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Blue Afghan

Baby Blue Afghan

Bernat Baby Sport yarn 1 lg skein
E hook

Ch 3 join to form ring
Rnd 1 ch3 2 dc in ring Ch 2, ( 3 dc in ring Ch 2,) repeat 2 more times
join in top of beg Ch 3
Rnd 2 sl st into Ch 2 sp Ch 3 2 dc Ch 2 3 dc(corner made), *Ch 2 3 dc
in next Ch 2 sp Ch 2 3 dc all in Ch 2 sp corner made* repeat around
join in beg Ch 3
Rnd 3 sl to and in Ch 2 sp, ch3 2dc ch2 3dc( corner),* Ch 2, 3 dc in
nxt Ch 2 sp, Ch 2 3 dc ch2 3 dc all in corner Ch 2 sp* repeat from *
around join in beg ch3
Rnd 4-5 make like round 3 3 dc in side Ch 2 spaces and 3 dc ch2 3 dc
in ea corner at end of round 5 join and fasten off.

Join 4 squares together to make one square. Join by sl st in fr loops
of ea st.

Edge join yarn in corner ch3 2 dc ch2 3 dc(corner) dc in ea st and sp
across to corner in corner 3 dc ch2 3 dc repeat around join with a sl
st in beg Ch 3. Next round is Ch 3 in joining dc in next to dc, in
corner ch2 sp put 8 dc, then continue around with dc in ea dc across
repeat around sl in beg Ch fasten off

Join lg squares together with sl st in fr loops. Join in rows of 3 lg
squares ea row

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