Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby square

Baby square

Sensations Rainbow Classic Yellow/white classic 2 skiens
Carons baby pound of love yellow 1 skien
J hook

Ch 3 join to form ring
Rnd 1Ch3(1stdc) 2dc ch2 3dc ch2 3dc ch2 3dc ch2 join to top of Ch 3
Rnd 2 Ch3 dc in ea st to corner in corner 3dc ch2 3dc then dc in ea st
to next corner and repeat for corner repeat around join to beginning
Ch 3
Rnd 3 Repeat above rnd to corner at corners do 2dc ch2 2 dc
Rnd 4 Ch 5 counts as first dc and Ch 2 space sk 2 dc dc nxt st Ch 2 sk
2 st dv next st Ch 2 2dc ch2 2 dc in corner Ch 2 repeat around join in
top Ch 3 of beg ch5
Rnd 5 Ch 3 2 dc in Ch sp dc in dc repeat to corner do corner as above
repeat around
Rnd 6 Ch 3 dc in ea st to corner in corner 2 dc ch2 2 dc repeat around
join in top of beg ch3 fasten off weave in end

Join squares with sl st in back loops 3 rows of 4 squares
In corner join yellow Ch 3(first dc) 2 dc in corner.
Dc in ea st to next corner, 3 dc in corner repeat around to beg Ch 3
Ch3, 3dc in nxt dc(corner) dc in ea dc to 2nd dc of 3 dc in nxt corner
3dc in that dc then dc in ea dc and repeat at corner join with sl in
top of beg ch3
Ch5 and dc in same st(v st made) ch1 v st in same st corner made then*
ch1 sk next dc v st next dc* repeat from * doing corner v st ch1 v st
in 2 nd dc of ea corner to make corner join to 3 rd Ch of beg Ch 5
fasten off

To make bigger add 2 more rounds
Rnd 1 dc in ea sp around with 3 dc in corner sp between 2 corner v sts
join in beg ch3
Rnd 2 ch4 tb in ea dc around with 3 tr in corners then fasten off

Make 15 more squares

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