Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday Recipe of My Grandmothers

Guess I have been feeling a little nostalgic this week and was looking at some of my Grandmothers old recipes. My Grandmothers were good cooks and we always loved what they had for use to eat. My Grandma Snodgrass lived with us and she taught me how to make fudge, divinity, noodles and so many other things. Grandma Jester could make a hamburger special and so good. I loved her hamburgers, fried chicken and just about anything she cooked but her baking goodies were the best. I loved her Watergate Cake, her Banana Cake and all the breads and cookies she made. I thought today on Throw Back Thursday to share one of Grandma Jesters Recipes with you. Sure does bring back memories.

This Recipe is in Grandma's handwriting which makes it special to me. This Cake was so moist and flavorful and I loved it. When she died she had one in the freezer for a friend who loved this cake. What a treat.
This is a picture of my Grandma Gusta F Bilyeu Jester.
Hope you will try Grandma's Recipe. It was fun thinking about her and all her goodies she made us.

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