Friday, June 12, 2015

What I have Crocheted Plus A Baby Bib Pattern

I have not been doing very much crocheying lately but at Christmas 2014 I made some hats here they are:
Police Box from Snappy Tots Ravelry Store

Star Wars Beanie pattern from Jen Spears on
My grand kids loved them. Then I made 3 hats for a Christmas basket

I also made coffee cozies for the Kids and used a download pattern for the cups template at frogging

In Feb our granddaughter was born and I made her this hat and blanket my patterns. Will share the patterns later.

Last I made a baby set for a friends baby boy whose daddy likes the Green Lantern
I used  the pattern from for the baby boat booties with some change. I used World's Best Diaper Cover pattern from Boomer Beanies on
The bib is my own pattern and I am adding this pattern here.
As always there maybe mistakes but I try not to have too many. This is my pattern feel free to make but do not claim as your pattern. If you make this send me a picture.

Simple Square Baby Bib Crochet Pattern

E hook
Crochet 100% Cotton (I used Peaches & Cream Forest Green)

A yarn needle

Row 1 With E hook CH 20. HDC in 2nd CH from hook and ea CH across CH 1 turn (18 HDC)
Row 2-17 HDC in ea HDC across CH 1 turn (18 HDC)
Side Neck 1
Row 18 HDC in next 4 HDC leave rest unworked CH 1 turn
Row 19-25 HDC in ea HDC across. At end of row 25 fasten off 
Side Neck 2
Attach yarn with SL st on opposite side of neck 1 in 4th HDC from end of row and repeat just like Neck Side 1

Border and Ties
Attach yarn with SL st on neck in between the two sides. CH 1 sc in each stitch across to neck side. Sc up side and when you get to top on in side towards neck do one sc in corner then CH 30 sc in first CH from hook and all other chs. Back to neck side sc 2 more in corner then sc around to the inside of neck side 2 and repeat tie like you did for first side. Finish sc down side and SL st into first sc. Fasten off and weave in ends.

This bib can be made in any color and add your own decoration on it or leave it plain. Make several to give as gifts.
Will be posting my hat patterns next.


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