Thursday, May 22, 2014

TBT Crocheted Baby Afghan Pattern


Crocheted Baby hugs and kisses afghan

Baby hugs and kisses afghan


Rainbow Sensations yarn 2 lg skeins
J hook

Ch 120
Row 1 dc in 4th Ch from hook and ea across. At end of row ch3 turn.
Row2-6 dc in ea dc across Ch 3 turn
Row7-12 ch3 is first dc* sk next dc dc in next dc dc in skipped dc x stitch made * rep from * to last stitch dc in last stitch ch3 turn
Row 13-18 rep row 2
Row 19-24 rep row 7
Continue in thus pattern to desired size finishing with rep of row 2 fasten off

Rnd 1 Join yellow with a sl st in corner st ch1 sc in same st. Evenly scaround putting 3 sc in ea corner to first st put 2 more sc in same st as joining of yarn at beg join to first sc at beg
Rnd 2 ch4(1st dc ch1) dc in same st( v st made) sk next sc v st in nextsc content around putting v st ch1 v st in ea corner. Join to ch3 of beg Ch 4
Rnd 3 sl st to space between first 2 v sts ch4(1st dc ch1) dc in samesp. V st in space between 2 v sts around with v st Ch 1 v st in ch1 spbetween the 2 corner v sts. Join with sl st in 3rd Ch of beg Ch 4 fasten off and weave in.

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